MTAC offer a range of training options based on extensive experience working within the industry.


MTAC is the proud home of the Nelson Branch of myBJJ New Zealand.

myBJJ New Zealand is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu organisation with training centres located around New Zealand. It is affiliated with the myBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu International Association, based out of Sydney, Australia, and with branches throughout Australasia.

The Principal Instructor is an experienced, fully qualified Black Belt:

Group classes and private tuition is available, with programmes designed for adults and kids.

For full information regarding our Jiu- Jitsu please review our website:
myBJJ New Zealand.


We offer programmes which we tailor to meet the needs of groups and organisations. These can include:

  • training in personal safety and situational awareness;
  • legal responsibilities and considerations;
  • de-escalation;
  • escaping dangerous positions;
  • and grip breaking from unwanted holds.

We also offer specialised courses for women.

Restraint Training

For organisations that work with individuals that can present as a potential harm to others we offer specialised restraint courses. ThisĀ  can include single-staff and multiple-staff techniques.

Training includes de-escalation skills.

Training offered is usually the outcome of consulting work, whereby custom programs can be constructed to meet specific client groups. Examples include:

  • security personnel;
  • residential mental health;
  • intellectual disability services;
  • and organisations that deal with challenging and aggressive behaviour from children.

All interventions involving restraints will be limited by the service setting and the legal frameworks that apply to such a setting. Services will need to ensure they are legally able to use restraint within their service.

MTAC consulting will assist in establishing a set of guidelines for the use of restraints as determined by their suitability for your service or organisation.