Drawing upon years of industry experience, MTAC is also able to provide tailored educational courses for your staff.

Mental Health Basics

These workshops are tailored to meet the objectives of your organisation but can include such topics as:

  • A basic overview of common mental health disorders;
  • What to do if you think someone is becoming unwell;
  • Understanding risk associated with mental health issues;
  • Stigmatisation;
  • The Mental Health Act – how it works, legal responsibilities, and it’s limitations;
  • What is “The Mental Health System"?

These workshops are useful for any organisation that provides services to the public. This might include churches, WINZ, The Citizens Advice Bureau, information services, and Public Libraries.

The workshops may also be of interest to employers, to increase awareness or support employees who may be becoming unwell, or who have a disclosed an existing condition.

Team Building Workshops

MTAC can provide customised workshops to get your team working together efficiently.

These typically include organisational problem solving exercises combined with fun team-building exercises.

These workshops are customised to meet the needs of your organisation.